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A doughnut shop in Rochester, N.Y., is featuring the likeness Dr. Anthony Fauci, the leading doctor of the coronavirus battle. Red white and blue sprinkles, with buttercream frosting on top. In the middle of the cupcake, the printed image of 79-year-old Fauci on wafer-thin edible paper . To see it go to:



Diane Lyn With Your Weekend Plans At Home:

Social isolation doesn't mean you have to cancel your weekend plans. If you've got a webcam and an internet connection have a dinner party!  Here in Baltimore they are some cool ways to be entertained. Creative Alliance can get you a local musician to stand at a safe distance to serenade you and your family, troubadour style.

There is a list of local arts events that are free or for a fee. 

Go to: https://www.baltimoresun.com/coronavirus/bs-fe-baltimore-arts-respond-coronavirus-20200325-uz5lnodq7zf7tj24it5yn2iln4-story.html

Bummed Out Having To Stay Home? Diane Lyn Has A Safe Way To Enjoy DC's Cherry Blossoms!

The official peak for Washington DC's Cherry Blossom is between March 27–30, 2020. The weather has been warm, and blossoms are popping! The National Park Service, which operates the National Mall and Memorial Parks, is asking people to stay home to prevent the spread of novel coronavirus (or COVID-19). There is still a way to enjoy the 3,700 cherry trees and Cherry Blossom Festival via web cams. The bloom cam is live check it out:



Neil Diamond is doing his part with his song, "Sweet Caroline"

Diamond shared a video via Twitter his new take on his classic tune. “I know we’re going through a rougher, we’ll feel just a little bit better,” Diamond said before breaking out his guitar for an acoustic performance of “Sweet Caroline”.

You know how the song goes: "Hands, touching hands /Reaching out, touching me, touching you." In his video, Diamond changed the lyrics to “Hands, washing hands / Reaching out, don’t touch me, I won’t touch you.” See the clip on the link below. It has over 2.6 million views, with 77,000 likes and counting….


Alcohol Distilleries Helping Out with Hand Sanitizer Shortages. Read More.

There are shortages, nationally, of hand sanitizers. Alcohol distilleries in Atlanta, Portland, rural Georgia, and North Carolina have begun using their distilleries to make their own hand sanitizers. The World Health Organization (WHO) said that cleaning your hands with an alcohol-based rub, at least 60% proof, can help to kill COVID 19 on your hands, So now the distilleries are producing their "bootleg" sanitizers. They are very safe and made like Purell, from aloe vera and 95% ethanol. Remember this for "rubbing" not drinking.


Many national chains, are helping out with services, deals and freebies during this COVID-19 crisis. Here is a list and where to find more.

Chipotle will deliver orders through March 31 within its delivery areas and with participating stores only. Go to chipotle.com to get details.

KFC is offering free home delivery now through April 26. Order online on kfc.com

Popeyes is offering free delivery through its mobile app and website.

LinkedIn has many online courses via video conferences to advice on how to best work from home.

Planet Fitness started streaming free roughly 20-minute workouts for people who are stuck in their homes. Go to Planet Fitness’ Facebook page for more.

T-Mobile is upgrading customers to free unlimited smartphone data for the next 60 days. 

For a complete list: https://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/coronavirus/list-companies-offering-deals-discount-freebies-coronavirus/2331869/


St. Patrick's Day: Guinness Facts And How To Pour The Beer with Diane Lyn!

Guinness becomes very popular this time of the year. From toasting tocooking, this Irish stout has its place on March 17. My husband and I are using a little Guinness in
our crock pot for our feast later. Find out how much Guinness is consumed on this wearing of the
green day. Plus, there is a special way to pour this stout for full enjoyment! Most Guinness is
consumed on St. Patrick’s Day…about 3 million pints of Guinness! Now, there is an art to pouring
and drinking the Guinness.

St. Patrick's Day Shamrock: The Legend And Ritual By Diane Lyn

The history of the clover and a crazy ritual called “drowning the shamrock”…The Shamrock was used to explain the Christian Holy Trinity, three-leaf clover. A shamrock tradition from the 17th century, was to wear the clover on your coat. Then by end of day, this ritual, drowning the shamrock. Place it in a glass of whiskey before drinking it.


911 call about no Toilet Paper! Tune into Diane Lyn for more!

The Newport Oregon Police Department is getting 9-11 calls from residents about the lack of toilet paper. So the police is notifying the public that they are not to call the emergency line simply because they ran out of toilet paper.

Instead they are offering some "tips" on what to do if you are without toilet paper: 

chttps://wjla.com/news/offbeat/oregon-police-department-asks-public-to-avoid-calling-911-if-they-run-out-of-toilet-paperase you run out.

Heartwarming stories coming from this Coronavirus with Diane Lyn

Those poor people in Italy, locked inside their homes are now singing out their windows and on their balconies. Just to feel less lonely.

In Columbus Ohio, the Arnold Sports Festival was cancelled. So not to let the food that was prepared for the event go bad, they sent it off to the first responders in Nashville. These people are still cleaning up from the tornadoes that hit Tennessee recently.

And school kids in Nebraska made get well cards for St. Anthony’s Home and School for those affected by the coronavirus. Read on at: https://wjla.com/news/offbeat/oregon-police-department-asks-public-to-avoid-calling-911-if-they-run-out-of-toilet-paper  

Friday Facts with Diane Lyn!

Diane Lyn’s  Freaky Friday 13th Facts

If you are in fear of the number 13, you are known as “triskaidekaphobic”.

In 2020, Friday 13th appears twice, today and again in November.

Walking under a ladder, stepping on a crack, breaking a mirror and opening an umbrella indoors are the popular superstitions.

According to NASA , on Friday, April 13, 2029, a large asteroid called Asteroid 2004 MN4, will fly close enough to Earth to be visible without a telescope, but will NOT hit earth! Thank goodness that is my birthday.

Here are some more: 



Life as we knew has changed due the coronavirus...

Americans have changed due to the coronavirus outbreak. Starbucks and Dunkin' Donuts haved banned their reusable mugs. McDonald's is cleaning more of their public tables. Target is putting limits on hand sanitizers and Lysol cleaning products, etc. so there will be enough for everybody. Target is also wiping down checkout lanes and touchscreens every 30 minutes. And some Taco Bell and Wendy's are using “tamper-proof “packaging to keep delivery drivers from swiping fries, thanks for sharing that!

Insane hand sanitizer prices because of Coronavirus! Read more with Diane Lyn

       Purell hand sanitizer is off the charts! Because of the panic buying from the coronavirus. It is in demand and selling for $149 a bottle, INSANE! What if we can make our own? Of course, the CDC says the best protection for coronavirus is wash your hands, but when you aren’t near a sink…here is a recipe for your own sanitizer. Use rubbing alcohol with, aloe vera! See how to do it:


Is Diane Lyn right?! Daylight Saving Time Is Like Jet Lag!

Yes, it's that time of year when we lose an hour of sleep for the clock change. Spring forward one hour.

Daylight Savings Time happens at 2 a.m. Sunday. So how many "days" does it take to adjust?

It takes the average person 3 1/2 days to adjust to the change. It compares to jet lag, an airline trip from about half-way around the world.

In other words, you will be out of it until Thursday!

One of Diane Lyn's Favorite Songs Helps Keep Her Hands Clean! Stevie Nicks' Landslide. 

Doctors are telling us to wash our hands for at least 20 seconds to get the germs off with this coronavirus scare going around the country. They say if you sing the Happy Birthday song twice or Mary Had A Little Lamb, you are good. Kiddie songs, how for the grown-ups.  Pop songs with the chorus adding up to 20 seconds. Toto’s Africa fits the bill and so does Landslide from Fleetwood Mac. Here’s Stevie Nicks’ song, the
:20 sec chorus of Landslide:



Well, I’ve been afraid of changing

Cause I built my life around you

But time makes you bolder, even children get older

And I’m getting older too

Oh I’m getting older too







UPDATE: What You Need To Know To Protect Yourself Against the Coronavirus.

What You Need To Know To Protect Yourself Against the Coronavirus.

- Early research suggest the COVID-19 virus or Coronavirus can survive up to nine days at a comfy room temperature.

- Newer research shows, that virus can spread in the bathroom as well. On the toilet, doorknobs, etch after flushing.  

- Will disinfectant wipes work on surfaces? And what kind of soap should you use, bar soap or liquid?

Get prepared here: 


Source: Huffington Post

Diane Lyn's next Job?? Cat Cuddler!

That’s right, crazy cat ladies, in Ireland they are looking people to cuddle cats. It is a paid job!!

Here are the qualifications: 
The job posting asks these crucial skill-testing questions:

Are you a crazy cat person and loves cats?

Does cattitude come naturally to you?

Have you counted kittens before you go asleep?

Do you feed the stray cats in your locality?

Does petting cats make you feel warm and fuzzy?



Robbie Robertson reflects on The Band highlights as 'Once Were Brothers' doc gets wide theatrical release

After opening in select theaters last Friday, the new documentary Once Were Brothers: Robbie Robertson and The Band gets a wide release today.

The film is based on Robbie Robertson's 2016 memoir Testimony, and focuses heavily on new interviews with The Band's founding guitarist and main songwriter, who shares recollections about memorable events and incidents in the influential Americana group's storied history.

Among them is the infamous 1965 tour that The Band's members did as Bob Dylan's backing group, during which many fans of the legendary singer/songwriter's acoustic music regularly booed him for "going electric."

"All we did was play faster and louder," Robertson recalls to ABC Audio. "And it was kind of a challenge in a way of saying, boldly, 'You're wrong, the world is wrong and we're right.'"

The film also delves into the unique-sounding music The Band created for its debut album, recorded in a pink house near Woodstock, New York.

"We had been woodshedding. We had been honing our craft. We had been gathering musics -- gospel music, blues, rockabilly, rock 'n' roll, rhythm & blues, classical music, jazz -- putting it all into our big gumbo of music," Robertson explains to ABC Audio. "And when we came to make [the] Music from Big Pink [album], all of that stuff started to be part of the blend. It started to taste that way."

He adds, "We just followed our instincts and tried to be in tune with the honesty of that music. And that's just what came out."

As previously reported, Once Were Brothers also features interviews with Eric ClaptonBruce SpringsteenVan MorrisonPeter Gabriel and Taj Mahal, plus archival conversations with Dylan, George Harrison, The Band's late singer/drummer Levon Helm and others.

Visit OnceWereBrothers.com to find out where it's playing near you.

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