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Stevie Nicks keeps her shawls in a vault...and other confessions

In a new Rolling Stone interview marking her upcoming induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame as a solo artist, Stevie Nicks insists that she'll be rocking for at least another decade.

Nicks, 70, will be the first woman ever inducted twice into the Rock Hall.  She tells Rolling Stone, "As long as I take care of myself, I am still going to be doing this when I'm 80."

She adds, "There's so many things I want to do," including "another record," "a [TV] mini-series," and a return appearance on American Horror Story.

"I tell myself, 'Do it now, because you're spry, you're in good shape, you can still do the splits, you can still dance onstage and wear a short skirt and high six-inch heels,'" the singer declares.

Stevie also discusses the "pact" she and Fleetwood Mac band mate Christine McVie made when Nicks joined the band.

"We just made that promise to each other that we would do everything we could do for women, that we would fight for everything that we wanted and get it," Stevie explains. "That our songs and our music would be equally as good as all the men surrounding us. And it was."

Nicks also tells Rolling Stone that she "adopted" pop star Harry Styles, whom she considers "the son I never had" -- and reveals where she keeps her signature shawls.

"I have my shawl vault -- they're all in temperature-controlled storage," she says. "I have these huge red cases Fleetwood Mac bought...my clothes are saved in these cases."

Stevie also notes, "I'm trying to give my shawls away, but there's thousands of them. If I ever write my life story, maybe that should be the name of my book: There's Enough Shawls to Go Around."

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