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UPDATE: What You Need To Know To Protect Yourself Against the Coronavirus.

What You Need To Know To Protect Yourself Against the Coronavirus.

- Early research suggest the COVID-19 virus or Coronavirus can survive up to nine days at a comfy room temperature.

- Newer research shows, that virus can spread in the bathroom as well. On the toilet, doorknobs, etch after flushing.  

- Will disinfectant wipes work on surfaces? And what kind of soap should you use, bar soap or liquid?

Get prepared here: 


Source: Huffington Post

Diane Lyn's next Job?? Cat Cuddler!

That’s right, crazy cat ladies, in Ireland they are looking people to cuddle cats. It is a paid job!!

Here are the qualifications: 
The job posting asks these crucial skill-testing questions:

Are you a crazy cat person and loves cats?

Does cattitude come naturally to you?

Have you counted kittens before you go asleep?

Do you feed the stray cats in your locality?

Does petting cats make you feel warm and fuzzy?



Robbie Robertson reflects on The Band highlights as 'Once Were Brothers' doc gets wide theatrical release

After opening in select theaters last Friday, the new documentary Once Were Brothers: Robbie Robertson and The Band gets a wide release today.

The film is based on Robbie Robertson's 2016 memoir Testimony, and focuses heavily on new interviews with The Band's founding guitarist and main songwriter, who shares recollections about memorable events and incidents in the influential Americana group's storied history.

Among them is the infamous 1965 tour that The Band's members did as Bob Dylan's backing group, during which many fans of the legendary singer/songwriter's acoustic music regularly booed him for "going electric."

"All we did was play faster and louder," Robertson recalls to ABC Audio. "And it was kind of a challenge in a way of saying, boldly, 'You're wrong, the world is wrong and we're right.'"

The film also delves into the unique-sounding music The Band created for its debut album, recorded in a pink house near Woodstock, New York.

"We had been woodshedding. We had been honing our craft. We had been gathering musics -- gospel music, blues, rockabilly, rock 'n' roll, rhythm & blues, classical music, jazz -- putting it all into our big gumbo of music," Robertson explains to ABC Audio. "And when we came to make [the] Music from Big Pink [album], all of that stuff started to be part of the blend. It started to taste that way."

He adds, "We just followed our instincts and tried to be in tune with the honesty of that music. And that's just what came out."

As previously reported, Once Were Brothers also features interviews with Eric ClaptonBruce SpringsteenVan MorrisonPeter Gabriel and Taj Mahal, plus archival conversations with Dylan, George Harrison, The Band's late singer/drummer Levon Helm and others.

Visit OnceWereBrothers.com to find out where it's playing near you.

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In honor of National Strawberry Day here is the official Haussner's Restaurant Strawberry Pie with Diane Lyn!

The Baltimore icon closed in 1999. Here is their beloved pie recipe! See recipe!

1 1/2 cups sugar
1/2 teaspoons strawberry flavoring
1/2 teaspoon red food color
1 1/2 cups boiling water
3 tablespoons cornstarch dissolved in 1/2 cup water
1 prebaked deep 9-inch pie shell
1 1/2 pints fresh strawberries, washed, hulled and kept whole if small or cut in half if large.

Make a glaze by adding sugar, strawberry flavoring and food color to boiling water in a saucepan.
Add dissolved cornstarch and stir over medium to high heat until it thickens.

Cool before popping it in the fridge to chill. Add whipped cream to garnish if desired.



Despite hearing loss, Huey Lewis says he still has "much to be grateful for"

Huey Lewis & the News recently released Weather, their first album of original material in nearly 20 years. It's quite short, because in the middle of making it, Lewis was struck with Ménière's disease, a disorder that causes his hearing to come and go. But the singer says he still considers himself "a very lucky guy."

"It's only seven songs because that's how many we recorded before my hearing crashed," Huey says of Weather. "But I think it's some of our best work. I really do."

Lewis explains that he lost 80% of the hearing in his right ear 33 years ago, and then two years ago, he lost the hearing in his left ear, which led to the Ménière's diagnosis.

"Since that time, I haven't been able to sing to music," he explains. "Mind you, my hearing does still fluctuate, and I'm hoping that eventually I can stabilize. That's the part I haven't been able to do." 

Frustratingly, Huey finds that his hearing will return for literally months, only to deteriorate once again.  Initially, he sank into a depression over this turn of events, but he says he finally made a decision to look on the bright side.

"There are lots of people out there, zillions of people, much worse off than I am," he tells ABC Audio. "I still have much to be grateful for. Overall, I'm a very lucky guy and it's sometimes hard for me to realize that, but it's important that I do."

The whole experience, Lewis says, has made him realize that "health and family is pretty much everything."

"My depression...was aided greatly by my kids," he notes. "So my family matters a lot. And there's nothing like good health. Y'know, health is just so much more important than whatever it is that comes next."

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Mardi Gras celebrations end with the traditional "King Cake". According to kingkingcakes.com, "it is an oval-shaped braided cake similar to a coffee cake which has cinnamon within the braids and is decorated with icing and sugar the colors of gold (God’s power), green (faith in Christ), and purple (Justice of God) – and contains a tiny plastic baby symbolic of the Baby Jesus usually baked within but sometimes placed within the cake after it has been baked". 


"Religious tradition is bound to the King Cake. Thus, it is not surprising that the origin of the modern King Cake can be traced back to the Middle Ages, when popular devotion during Christmas not only centered on Jesus Christ, but, also included an interest in the “Three Wise Men,” or “kings,” who had followed a star leading them to pay homage to the Christ Child. The “Epiphany,” a Christian festival held on January 6th honors the “Three Wise Men” for having sought the worlds’ Savior. It is also referred to as “Twelfth Night” since it arrives 12 days after Christmas. As such, the English definition of the term “epiphany” is “a moment in which you suddenly see or understand something in a new or very clear way.” The “Three Wise Men” are considered “wise” because they sought the Savior"!

The cakes are traditionally cinnamon and some are filled with cream cheese.You can order them from New Orleans or get them locally at area grocery stores. I love the Atwater's King Cakes (pictured). They have mini cakes and some are cooked without the baby inside. Safety first for your little ones to enjoy.

Paul McCartney spotted in small New Jersey town over the weekend

The owner of a catering company in the central New Jersey town of Metuchen was amazed to see Paul McCartney near his place of business Sunday afternoon.

According to the Asbury Park PressJohn Manzo, owner of Be My Guest Personal Chef & Catering, was driving when he spotted the Beatles legend walking around and taking photos at about 3 p.m.

"I'm on the phone with my buddy and I say to him, Paul McCartney's right in front of me," Manzo tells the newspaper. "I drove up next to him and rolled down the window."

Manzo says he then asked if he could take a pic of the rock legend, and McCartney agreed. Manzo posted the pic, which shows Sir Paul in front of the Buttery Bake Shoppe, on his Facebook page.

As for why Sir Paul was in Metuchen, Manzo tells the Asbury Park Press, "He said his wife used to live here." According to NJ Monthly, Paul's spouse, Nancy Shevell, grew up in Edison, New Jersey, which is next to Metuchen.

The newspaper says Manzo is longtime fan of McCartney who used to play in a rock band himself -- a group called Tango Rose that performed at New Jersey clubs including the famed The Stone Pony in Asbury Park.

McCartney has a series of 2020 European shows scheduled, running from a May 23 concert in Lille, France, through a June 27 performance at the famed Glastonbury Festival in Pilton, U.K.

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Diane Lyn talks new Chicken & Donuts from KFC!


Well you have heard of chicken and waffles, how about chicken and donuts! KFC is launching it nationwide til March 16. You can get it in a basket, fried chicken with donuts on the side or as a sandwich. That’s right the donuts will act as the bread, and the chicken in the middle of 2 donuts! Finger lickin’ good with glaze and glory. Calories for this? The chicken 530 and add the donut “sandwich” 730 calories, for a grand total of: 1,250. 


Today is National Love Your Pet Day! Tune into Diane Lyn 10am-2pm!

        Today is National Love Your Pet Day. And no one loves their cat like us. Milo was a stray orange tabby. He had two homes before he came to ours in 2009. He was hit by a car and has 10 pins in his leg before he arrived in our neighborhood. This cat had 9 lives for sure! As an outdoor cat, he got into a lot of things. My next-door neighbor Bill, was Milo’s second home. The cat would come to visit us every day. There were times when he would even knock on our window, to let us know he was around.  My husband and I got very attached to this little guy. We were dog people, but for some reason, this cat wormed his way into our hearts.  In October 2009, Milo became our cat. Our friend Bill passed away suddenly and Milo had nowhere to go.  He has lived with us 11 years and now approaches his 15th birthday! He is a happy and healthy senior, indoor cat now. He plays all the time.  Bill would always say “he acts like your cat”. Well, he became our cat in 2009. Life is funny that way.   



Cinderella's Castle at Walt Disney World is getting a makeover. Tune into Diane Lyn!

The famous landmark for Magic Kingdom theme park, one of the most photographed places in the U.S., is going bright! The 189-foot-tall castle will be become pink with blue towers. Gold spires and shimmering accents will be added.

Disney said work will start in the coming weeks and continue through summer.

I once had a chance to go in the castle. It looked like a princess suite! With stars that twinkled in the bathroom. Walt Disney would stay there. He used it as an apartment from time to time. The pic on this blog is from a few years, when Cinderella visited me on the Disney Dream Cruise!

photo credit:  disneytouristblog.com 

Crystal Pepsi presents the Pepsi Proposal Contest...Read more! Tune into Diane Lyn from 10-2!

Crystal Pepsi presents the Pepsi Proposal Contest!


…win and get in on this, Pepsi fans are asked to Tweet their most creative ways to ask someone to marry them. Use the Pepsi Twitter handle, and hashtags,  #PepsiProposal, and #Contest. Each entry is allowed to submit up to four photos and one video up to 30 seconds long.

 You could score a $3,000 Pepsi Engagement Ring!! Enter by March 6th, the winner will be by March 20th, National Proposal Day….

 The “bling” is created by boiling down Pespi’s  transparent crystal cola to a powder, which forms as a 1.53 carat, lab-grown alternative diamond attached to a platinum band.


UMG confirms 19 artists "affected" by studio fire, including Elton John & Bryan Adams

Universal Music Group has confirmed that the master recordings of 19 artists were "affected" by the 2008 Universal Studios fire, including Elton John, Bryan AdamsMichael McDonaldPeter FramptonR.E.M.

Those names were revealed in the latest filing in the ongoing lawsuit against UMG, obtained by Pitchfork.

The lawsuit was initially filed by Tom Petty's ex-wife Jane PettySoundgarden, the estate of Tupac ShakurHole and Steve Earlefollowing a report from The New York Times Magazine alleging the destruction of thousands of master recordings in the fire, and the subsequent cover-up of the damage. Hole has since dropped off the suit.

The other acts listed in new documents are Sheryl CrowLes PaulThe SurfarisSuzanne VegaNirvanaBeckY&TDavid BaerwaldJimmy Eat WorldSlayerWhite Zombie...And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead, and Sonic Youth.

Each artist named is accompanied by UMG's characterization of the extent of the damage. Nirvana, for example, had "certain original master recordings" affected, though UMG claims it has "replacements or copies of all of them."

UMG has previously denied that masters by Petty, Shakur and Earle, all of whom are listed in the NYT Magazinereport, were lost. As for Soundgarden, UMG claims it informed the grunge band of the extent of the damage to their recordings back in 2015.

In a statement to Pitchfork, UMG calls the suit a "meritless legal case" full of "baseless claims."

Plaintiff-side lawyer Howard King says, "Universal claimed 17,000 artists were affected by the fire when they were suing for damages. Now that they face a lawsuit by their artists, they claim a mere 19 artists were affected. This discrepancy is inexplicable."

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Watch now: Huey Lewis' celebrity pals join him for all-star "Her Love Is Killin' Me" video

The good thing about being around for forty years like Huey Lewis & the News has is that they've made a lot of friends along the way -- and many of them are celebrities. So Huey called in a lot of favors to create the band's new video for "Her Love Is Killin' Me."

The clip starts with Huey playing harmonica, and then turns into a lip-sync fest, with one star after another popping up to mouth the words to the upbeat blues-rock tune.  The guests include Topher Grace, Michael Keaton, Andy Garcia, Sean Hayes, Wendy Malick, Cedric the Entertainer, Yvette Nicole Brown, Jimmy Buffett, country star Brad Paisley, Patrick Warburton, ex-baseball manager Bruce Bochy, and Brandon Flowers, the lead singer of the band The Killers

Huey's good pal Jimmy Kimmel fakes playing the harmonica, and so does former football star Joe Montana -- at least, we think they're faking.  Meanwhile, Jimmy's cousin, Sal Iacono, a regular on Jimmy Kimmel Live!,does a nice callback to Huey's video for "I Want a New Drug" by plunging his face into ice water -- except instead of the ice water being in a sink, it's, um, in a toilet.

"All of my friends, I'd like to say thank you very much...for saving me a lot of money on this video!" Huey jokes in the beginning of the clip.

"Her Love Is Killin' Me" is from the new Huey Lewis & the News album Weather, in stores today.

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Cover Them: New digital Bruce Springsteen compilation features live versions of other artists tunes

Bruce Springsteen has no shortage of his own songs to choose from when he plays live, but The Boss also likes to cover tunes by other artists he admires in his concerts. A new archival live compilation gathering together 15 interesting covers Springsteen played with The E Street Bandover the years debuted Friday exclusively via select streaming services.

The Live Series: Songs Under Cover boasts performances spanning from 1975 to 2017, and is the sixth installment in a series of themed live playlists from Bruce.

The collection, which is ordered chronologically, kicks off with a 1975 rendition of "When You Walk in the Room" that Springsteen and company played at The Roxy in Los Angeles. The song was written and first recorded by Jackie DeShannon in 1963, and was a hit for U.K. band The Searchers the following year.

The final track is a version of The Bobby Fuller Four's "I Fought the Law" performed at a February 2017 show in Hunter Valley, Australia.

Other interesting tunes on Songs Under Cover include renditions of Eddie Cochran's "Summertime Blues," Elvis Presley's "Can't Help Falling In Love," Creedence Clearwater Revival's "Travelin' Band," Jackie Wilson's "Higher and Higher," The Bee Gees' "Stayin' Alive," AC/DC's "Highway to Hell, Prince's "Purple Rain" and Van Morrison's "Brown Eyed Girl."

Springsteen and the E Street Band played "Purple Rain" in tribute to Prince on April 23, 2016, two days after the legendary entertainer died.

Here's a full track list for Songs Under Cover, along with the artist or artists associated with each tune and the date and location where they were recorded:

"When You Walk in the Room" (The Searchers) -- Los Angeles, CA, The Roxy, 10/18/1975
"Twist and Shout" (The Isley Brothers, The Beatles) -- Upper Darby, PA, Tower Theater, 12/31/1975
"Summertime Blues" (Eddie Cochran) -- Cleveland, OH, The Agora, 8/9/1978
"Detroit Medley" (Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels) -- New York, NY, Madison Square Garden, 9/21/1979
"Can't Help Falling In Love" (Elvis Presley) -- London, U.K., Wembley Arena, 6/5/1981
"Travelin' Band" (Creedence Clearwater Revival) -- Los Angeles, CA, Memorial Coliseum, 9/27/1985
"Boom Boom" (John Lee Hooker) -- New York, NY, Madison Square Garden, 5/23/1988
"Higher and Higher" (Jackie Wilson) -- Buffalo, NY, HSBC Arena, 11/22/2009
"I Don't Want to Go Home" (Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes) -- Helsinki, Finland, Olympiastadion, 7/31/2012
"Stayin' Alive" (The Bee Gees) -- Brisbane, Australia, Brisbane Entertainment Centre, 2/26/2014
"Highway to Hell" (AC/DC) -- Brisbane, Australia, Brisbane Entertainment Centre, 2/26/2014
"Purple Rain" (Prince)-- Brooklyn, NY, Barclays Center, 4/23/2016
"Lucille" (Little Richard) -- Milan, Italy, Stadio San Siro, 7/3/2016
"Brown Eyed Girl" (Van Morrison) -- Adelaide, Australia, Adelaide Entertainment Centre, 1/30/2017
"I Fought the Law" (The Bobby Fuller Four, The Clash) -- Hunter Valley, Australia, Hope Estate Winery, 2/18/2017

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Bruce Springsteen?@springsteen

The next chapter of live performances, ‘The Live Series: Songs Under Cover’ is now streaming. This collection features live versions of “Can’t Help Falling In Love,” “Purple Rain,” “Highway To Hell” & more covers from Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band https://Springsteen.lnk.to/TLSCover 

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Peter Frampton to be honored for his advocacy work for the rare-disease community; debuts new live video

Peter Frampton has been chosen as one of the National Organization for Rare Disorders' 2020 Rare Impact Award honorees.

The awards salute individuals and organizations for outstanding work supporting the rare disease community.

The legendary guitarist, who revealed last year that he'd been diagnosed with a rare degenerative muscular disease called inclusion body myositis, is being recognized for his advocacy for The Myositis Association.

The awards will be handed out at an event held May 15 at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland.

After Frampton announced he was suffering from inclusion body myositis, which eventually will hamper his ability to play guitar, he lined up a farewell tour that will continue this year with a European leg that begins May 24 in Edinburgh, U.K.

Meanwhile, a new video featuring Frampton and his backing band delivering a blistering live performance of "Me and My Guitar," a song from their 2019 studio album, All Blues, has debuted on Peter's official YouTube channel. "Me and My Guitar" originally was recorded by late blues great Freddie King, who co-wrote the tune with Leon Russell and Chuck Blackwell. It appeared on King's 1972 album, Texas Cannonball.

Speaking about his studio version of "Me and My Guitar" in a promo video for All Blues, Frampton notes, "This is a real straight-ahead blues as far as I'm concerned, and it comes out of the gate just screaming. And we had a lot of fun doing this one."

You can check out all of Peter's upcoming tour dates at Frampton.com.

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Eric Clapton-headlined Ginger Baker tribute show also to feature Roger Waters, Steve Winwood, Ronnie Wood

The lineup has been revealed for the London tribute concert Eric Claptonhas organized celebrating the music and life of late Cream drummer Ginger Baker that takes place this Monday, February 17, at the Eventim Apollo Hammersmith venue.

The show, dubbed Eric Clapton & Friends: A Tribute to Ginger Baker, will feature Clapton and his touring band joined by an impressive list of special guests, including ex-Pink Floyd singer/bassist Roger WatersSteve WinwoodRolling Stones guitarist Ronnie WoodChic's Nile Rodgersand founding Faces and Small Faces drummer Kenney Jones, who also played with The Who for many years.

Ginger's son, drummer Kofi Baker, also will take part in the concert, which is sold out.

Clapton's band will feature singer/keyboardist Paul Carrack, keyboardist Chris Stainton, drummers Sonny Emory and Steve Gadd, bassist Willie Weeks and backing vocalists Katie Kissoon and Sharon White.

The show will raise money for Leonard Cheshire, a U.K.-based charity supported by the Baker family. The organization helps disabled people with education, employment and independent living.

Ginger Baker died on October 6, 2019, after years of poor health. He was 80.

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Elton John will finish his Down Under dates despite walking pneumonia, promoters say

An ailing and tearful Elton John was forced to cut his performance in New Zealand short on Sunday night after he lost his voice, but his promoters insist he'll finish the rest of his shows Down Under.

In an Instagram post, Elton wrote, "I want to thank everyone who attended tonight’s gig in Auckland. I was diagnosed with walking pneumonia earlier today, but I was determined to give you the best show humanly possible. I played and sang my heart out, until my voice could sing no more."

He added, "I’m disappointed, deeply upset and sorry. I gave it all I had. Thank-you so much for your extraordinary support and all the love you showed me during tonight’s performance. I am eternally grateful."

Elton was escorted offstage sobbing as he tried to start his next song and was unable to sing.

The New Zealand Herald reports that according to Elton's tour promoters, he does intend to play the remaining shows he has scheduled in Australia and New Zealand.  The promoters said Elton is resting, and doctors are confident that he'll recover.  His show tomorrow in Auckland has now been delayed until Wednesday.

He has two more shows in Auckland, including Wednesday's performance, and then seven additional shows in Australia, before he returns to North America for more shows.

Some fans are upset that they won't get their money back, but the Herald reports that because Elton played for over two hours, no refunds will be issued.

It's no wonder Elton got sick -- he's put in a lot of miles in the past week.  He flew to New Zealand from Los Angeles after winning the Oscar for Best Original Song and then attending and performing at his annual viewing party, which raised millions for his AIDS Foundation.

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Foreigner, The Guess Who, War & more to perform on next year's '70s Rock & Romance Cruise

While this year's '70s Rock & Romance Cruise is making its way through the Caribbean now, the initial lineup for the 2021 edition of the seagoing music festival already has been revealed. Among the many well-known artists confirmed to perform on next year's cruise are ForeignerThe Guess WhoWar10ccPure Prairie LeagueJim Messina and Badfinger featuring Joey Molland.

The nostalgic nautical extravaganza is scheduled to set sail from Miami on February 27 and will stop on St. Maarten on March 2 and St. Thomas on March 3 before returning to port on the 6th.

Famed producer and Peter & Gordon singer Peter Asher will serve as the cruise's host, while other performers on the bill include Air SupplyB.J. ThomasThe Family Stone and Melissa Manchester.

In addition to the many performances, the '70s Rock & Romance Cruise will feature Q&A sessions and panel discussions with some of the artists, themed parties, wine tastings, trivia contests, game shows, karaoke, pool parties and more. Married couples also will have the opportunity to renew their wedding vows.

Booking for the '70s Rock & Romance Cruise will open to the general public on February 27. Cabin prices start at around $2,000. For more details, visit RockandRomanceCruise.com or call 844-466-7625.

As previously reported, the 2020 cruise got underway this past Saturday and will be stopping in San Juan, Puerto Rico; Samana, Dominican Republic; and the Haitian island of Labadee before returning home February 22. This year's lineup includes Cheap TrickTodd RundgrenRandy Bachman, ex-Eagles guitarist Don FelderEdgar WinterMoody Blues singer/bassist John LodgeAmerica, former Chicago singer Jason Scheff and Jefferson StarshipRita CoolidgeStephen Bishop and John Ford Coley.

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Valentines Day with Diane Lyn! Check out a Valentines Day "Wise Tale" and see what happens at the Empire State Building


    This legend or old wives tale says young girls believe they could tell what type of man they would marry depending on what kind of bird, they first saw on Valentine’s Day! Probably meaning when you wake and look up.

    According to the legend, see a blackbird, marry a clergyman.

Seeing a robin red-breast meant a sailor in your future.

A sparrow seen on February 14 could mean they would marry a farmer. If you saw a blue bird you would marry a happy man.



    We all remember the scene from the movie, “Sleepless In Seattle”with Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks. 
How emotional it was when they finally meet at the top of the Empire State Building.

   That New York landmark is so romantic, especially on Valentine’s Day.  Every year, 12 couples are selected to go to the top of the Empire State Building to exchange vows on February 14th! 

The Who gives live debut of two new songs at intimate London shows

The Who played a pair of intimate acoustic shows Wednesday night at the Pryzm nightclub in the London suburb of Kingston upon Thames in honor of the 50th anniversary of the band's classic concert album Live at Leeds. During the gigs, the U.K. rock legends also played two songs from their 2019 studio album, WHO, live for the very first time: "Break the News" and "She Rocked My World."

You can check out fan-shot video of both performances on YouTube.

"Break the News" was written by longtime Who touring guitarist Simon Townshend, the younger brother of lead guitarist and main songwriter, Pete Townshend.

While introducing the tune, frontman Roger Daltrey told the crowd, "Simon is such a great songwriter. For years he's done his songs at my solo shows, but it's great to find a song that actually fits on a Who album."

Since Roger still isn't that familiar with the tune, he used lyric sheets to sing it, but flubbed it anyway; the band ended up having to start it a second time.

"She Rocked My World" was written by Pete, who explained hat it begins with the same flamenco-style chords he used for the 1967 Who song "Tattoo."

The band will play two more shows at the Pryzm club on Friday, February 14, which marks the 50th anniversary to the day of Live at Leeds' U.K. release.

The Who then will have about a month off before launching a 2020 U.K. tour leg that kicks off March 16 in Manchester and runs through an April 8 concert in London. A U.S. trek follows, beginning with an April 21 show in Hollywood, Florida.

Check out the band's full itinerary at TheWho.com.

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Last song of digital EP of David Bowie rarities released today; physical version due out in March

The final installment of a six-song digital David Bowie rarities EP called Is It Any Wonder? gets its release today via streaming services. Plans for a limited-edition physical version of the collection also have been unveiled.

The sixth track is a 1995 live drum-and-bass version of Bowie's 1970 tune "The Man Who Sold the World" that was mixed by Brian Eno, who added studio elements to the recording. The "Live Eno Mix" of the song originally was released as part of a single that also featured "Strangers When We Meet," a track from David's 1995 concept album Outside.

Is It Any Wonder? also will be released on CD and as a 12-inch vinyl LP on March 20, but with one change to the track list: The ChangesNowBowie version of "The Man Who Sold the World" -- the first track made available from the digital EP -- will be replaced by a song called "Fun" (Clownboy Mix).

The latter track started as a new version of "Fame" that David and his backing group started recording in early 1997 during rehearsals for his Earthling tour. Later in 1997, a live version of "Fame" was incorporated into the track, but as the recording developed, all elements of "Fame" were removed and it morphed into the song "Fun." In 1998, studio whiz Danny Saber created the "Clownboy Mix" of the track, which only appeared on a CD-ROM available exclusively to subscribers of the BowieNet website.

As previously reported, the ChangesNowBowie album will be released as a limited-edition CD and vinyl LP on April 18 in conjunction with the 2020 Record Store Day sale.

The nine-song collection was recorded in November '96 during rehearsals for Bowie's 50th birthday concert,  which was held at Madison Square Garden in January 1997.

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Valentine's Day Fast Facts & "Today is Galentine's Day"

Valentine’s Day Fast Facts

According to research, 10% of people have sent
themselves flowers on February 14th. 


Almost half of the women in the U.S. said they would dump their boyfriends if they did not get at least a card for Valentine’s Day.

And women prefer to receive their gift after a nice dinner, while men prefer gifts first thing in the morning.


Today is Galentine's Day

Amy Poehler from the TV show Parks and Recreation starting Galentine's Day in 2010 on the series. It caught on! It’s a day for celebrating the love you have for your lady friends, whether they’re single or not. Basically, it’s a day dedicated to showering your closest friends with love and attention.





Steve Miller, John Oates & more appearing in new documentary 'Enormous: The Gorge Story'

Steve Miller and Hall & Oates singer John Oates are among the artists who appear in a new documentary about the history of The Gorge Amphitheatre, a popular concert venue located in rural eastern Washington State.

Titled Enormous: The Gorge Story, the film includes interviews with Miller and Oates, as well as with members of HeartPearl Jam guitarist Mike McCreadyDave Matthews, country star Dierks Bentley, and pop singer/songwriter Jason Mraz, who share their recollections of playing at the beloved venue.

Additionally, the doc includes performance footage of Bob DylanElvis Costello and others.

Enormous: The Gorge Story will be shown in select U.S. theaters for one night only on April 28. The screenings also will include bonus interview footage with several well-known artists, five short documentaries about The Gorge, and a blooper reel featuring a number of the musicians that appear in the film.

"The shows were always great, and they were always sold out," Miller says about the venue in the film's trailer. "We enjoyed the audience and the atmosphere of it."

For screening locations and ticket info, visit EnormousMovie.com.

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Rod Stewart to give closing performance at the BRIT Awards next week

Rod Stewart didn't appear on the Grammy Awards a few weeks ago, but he'll have the honor of closing out the U.K. equivalent, the BRIT Awards, February 18 in London.

This will be the second time that Rod has performed at the BRITS; the first was in 1993, when he received an award for Outstanding Contribution to Music.  The 75-year-old legend has had a great year in his home country, having scored his 10th British number-one album in December with You're in My Heart: Rod Stewart with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

Among this year's Brit Awards nominees is Bruce Springsteen, who's in the running for the International Male Solo Artist prize.

If you want to watch the BRIT Awards but don't live in the U.K., you can stream it on February 18 starting at 3 p.m. ET via YouTube.com/BRITs.

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Gilbert O'Sullivan excited about first US tour in 40 years after great response to 2019 stateside shows

1970s British pop star Gilbert O'Sullivan will launch his first U.S. tour in over 40 years this spring, a nine-date trek starting April 12 in Washington, D.C., and scheduled through an April 26 concert in Los Angeles.

After two well-received shows in New York City and Philadelphia last July, the 73-year-old Irish-born singer/songwriter/pianist tells ABC Audio he's looking forward to playing a more extensive series of stateside gigs.

"I was pleasantly surprised, the reaction was really good," he says of last year's concerts. "And the interesting thing, too, is that we had a big [U.K.] hit...with a song called 'Ooh-Wakka-Doo-Wakka-Day'…and I mentioned to the audience that I didn't think they'd really know much about that song, but they really liked it. In fact, some people were actually singing it. So…the response was great. And long may that continue."

O'Sullivan says his set will be "a mix" that includes "all the well-known songs, an element of album tracks...[and] a sample of the new material…[And] there's fast, there's slow, there's medium, there's quiet."

Among the well-known songs are the three top-10 U.S. singles Gilbert had in 1972 and '73 -- the chart-topping smash "Alone Again (Naturally)," "Clair" and "Get Down" -- while the new stuff includes songs from his latest album, 2018's Gilbert O'Sullivan.

When he hits the stage, O'Sullivan won't quite be alone: He'll be joined by guitarist Bill Shanley, who also is a longtime member of Kinks frontman Ray Davies' touring band.

"He's essential to what the two of us are doing," O'Sullivan says of Shanley. "He's a great player, and...we were lucky…that this year Ray is not on the road."

Visit GilbertOSullivan.co.uk for a full list of tour dates.

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The Moody Blues' John Lodge excited to play '70s Rock & Romance Cruise with so many artists he likes

Longtime Moody Blues singer/bassist John Lodge begins his 2020 itinerary with a stint on the star-packed '70s Rock & Romance Cruise, which sets sail from Miami this Saturday, February 15.

This marks the first time the Rock & Roll Hall of Famer will be playing this particular cruise, and he tells ABC Audio that that he's excited to perform along with so many other great artists.

"Don FelderCheap TrickTodd RundgrenAmericaJohn Ford Coley -- there's a whole host of…artists who I really like on this cruise," Lodge says. "And that's one of the reasons I said yes to doing this."

Lodge also reports that he'll be playing three concerts with his solo band during the seven-day cruise, which will stop in Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and the Haitian island of Labadee before returning to port on February 22.

"I'm looking forward to that," he declares. "And hopefully there's a lot of Moody Blues fans on there so we can all have a great time."

The cruise's lineup also includes Randy BachmanEdgar Winter, former Chicago singer Jason ScheffJefferson StarshipRita Coolidge and Stephen Bishop.

The 74-year-old rocker maintains that with so many different artists on the bill, a lot of people onboard likely aren't there to hear his music, but that just gives him the chance to win them over.

"[S]ome people probably never, ever bothered to listen to a Moody Blues record…or see a Moody Blues show," he maintains. "But they may be there and see what I'm doing and go, 'Hey, yeah, OK, we dig that.'"

Following the cruise, Lodge will launch a brief U.S. tour of the East Coast that starts February 22 in Dania Beach, Florida, and runs through a March 8 concert in Lexington, Massachusetts.

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Bon Jovi debuts music for new tune "Limitless," offers fans the chance to sing the song live with the band

Bon Jovi has debuted the instrumental track of a brand-new song called "Limitless," but in order for you to hear it, there's a catch. The band has launched a contest asking fans to visit SingBonJovi.com, where they can hear the track while recording a video of them singing along to the music and lyrics without knowing the melody of the tune.

Here's the really cool part: One winner will be chosen, and will get to sing "Limitless" live on stage with Bon Jovi.

In a video promo for the contest, Jon Bon Jovi explains, "Go to SingBonJovi.com…record your video and then tag @BonJovi and post it to your Instagram Stories with the hashtag #SingBonJoviContest for a chance to sing 'Limitless' with me, live."

He adds, "I can't wait to see what you do to our song. Good luck."

"Limitless" will be featured on the band's upcoming studio album, Bon Jovi 2020, which will be released later this year.

As previously reported, the group will be supporting the album with a major U.S. tour in June and July that will feature Bryan Adams as the opening act. You can check out all the confirmed dates for the trek at BonJovi.com.

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Janet Jackson announces Black Diamond World Tour

Following a year that saw her launch her first Las Vegas residency, Janet Jackson is now bringing her music directly to her fans.

The iconic performer has announced her Black Diamond World Tour, which will will kick off June 24 in Miami, FL.  Tickets go on sale to the general public on February 13 via LiveNation.com.

The tour will feature an all-new production, as well as music from Janet's upcoming new album, also called Black Diamond, due out later this year.  Of course, she'll also perform her hits, as well as a special set dedicated to her landmark album Rhythm Nation 1814, which last year marked its 30th anniversary.

The North American leg of the Black Diamond World Tour will wrap up August 23 in Tacoma, Washington.  Dates for the rest of the world will be announced soon.

Black Diamond will be the follow-up to Janet's most recent studio album, Unbreakable, which came out in 2015.

Janet's Metamorphosis Vegas show grossed just under $13 million over 18 dates, making it a box office success.  No word on whether she'll return to Sin City for more dates.

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QUESTION: Diane Lyn talks Academy Awards, "Where do the Stars put their Oscars?"














Vinyl reissues of Cat Stevens' first two albums, 'Matthew & Son' and 'New Masters,' due in March

Cat Stevens' first two studio albums, Matthew & Son and New Masterswill be reissued on 180-gram vinyl on March 27.

This will mark the first time that either album, which were both originally released in 1967, will be available on vinyl since 1982.

The reissues, which can be pre-ordered now, have been remastered at London's famous Abbey Road Studios using the facility's "Demix" software, which allows for elements such as the vocals and bass to be enhanced for a superior listening experience.

Matthew & Son was released in March of '67, and features two U.K. hits -- the title track and "I Love My Dog," which peaked at #2 and #28, respectively. It also includes "Here Comes My Baby," a song covered by the British group The Tremoloes, whose version reached #13 on the Billboard Hot 100 and #4 on the U.K. singles chart in 1967. The album made it to #7 on the British chart.

New Masters, which was released in December of '67, was not as commercially successful as its predecessor, although it did feature Stevens' rendition of his own "The First Cut the Deepest." Earlier in 1967, American-born singer P.P. Arnold took the song to #14 on the U.K. chart, while Rod Stewart's version was #1 in the U.K. in 1977 and reached #21 in the U.S.

After the release of New Masters, Stevens contracted tuberculosis, and as he recuperated, he read a book called The Secret Path that inspired him to move away from the pop-oriented material he had been writing and recording, and he started to compose more introspective and spiritual songs for which he's now best known.

Here's the Matthew & Son track list:

Side A
"Matthew & Son"
"I Love My Dog"
"Here Comes My Baby"
"Bring Another Bottle Baby"
"Portobello Road"
"I've Found a Love"
"I See a Road"

Side B
"Baby Get Your Head Screwed On"
"When I Speak to the Flowers"
"The Tramp"
"Come On and Dance"

And here's the New Masters track list:

Side A
"I'm So Sleepy"
"Northern Wind"
"The Laughing Apple"
"Smash Your Heart"

Side B
"The First Cut Is the Deepest"
"I'm Gonna Be King"
"Ceylon City"
"Blackness of the Night"
"Come On Baby (Shift That Log)"
"I Love Them All"

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"The ride's been worth it": Nominees Elton John & Bernie Taupin are ready for Oscar night

Saturday night may be alright for fighting, but Sunday night may be alright for winning -- if you're Elton John.  He and his longtime songwriting partner Bernie Taupin are nominated for the Best Original Song Oscar for "(I'm Gonna) Love Me Again," the song that plays over the end credits of Elton's biopic Rocketman.

In addition to being nominated, Elton is also performing on the Oscar telecast, and at some point, he'll have to make an appearance at his annual viewing party, which has raised millions for his AIDS Foundation since he started hosting it in 1992.

Elton and Bernie have already won a Golden Globe together for the song, an uplifting and energetic duet between Elton and Rocketman star Taron Egerton.  Bernie told ABC News that all the recognition they've received for the song -- and for the Rocketman project in general -- means a great deal to both Elton and him.

"It means that the ride's been worth it and...the blood, sweat and tears that we've put into our work over the last 53 years has all been worth it," Bernie said.

"And it's been a wonderful ride. And I think we've been incredibly blessed to still be around and still be appreciated the way that we have been all through the late '60s, '70s, '80s, '90s, and into the '20s." 

But Bernie says he and Elton aren't taking anything for granted -- they don't want to jinx anything.

As he told Variety recently, "I spoke to Elton and told him, 'People keep saying we’re the front-runners,' and he kept saying, 'I don’t want to hear that, I don’t want to hear that, I don’t want to hear that.' So, we don’t want to hear that! We’ll have fun either way."

The Oscars air 8 p.m. Sunday night on ABC.

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The Doors' 'Morrison Hotel' album celebrates its 50th anniversary this weekend

The Doors' fifth studio album, Morrison Hotel, was released 50 years ago this Sunday, February 9.

While the 11-track collection didn't feature any hit singles, it does include the classic-rock staple "Roadhouse Blues," plus such gems as "Waiting for the Sun," "Peace Frog" and "Indian Summer."

According to guitarist Robby KriegerMorrison Hotel found The Doors taking a more simple, stripped-down approach following 1969's more heavily produced Soft Parade.

"It was kind of a different experience for us," Krieger noted during an interview at the recent NAMM music-equipment trade show. "Soft Parade…had the strings and horns and all that stuff, and it kind of got out of our control...So we wanted to make sure the next album…would just be us and our ideas."

He added, "And we just had fun, you know? Just seemed like we did it…much quicker and it had a whole different feel to it."

Almost half of the songs on Morrison Hotel were co-written by Krieger and singer Jim Morrison.

"At that time…Jim wasn't really writing that much, but we'd find stuff in his poetry books, and I would write music to that," Robby told to the media at The NAMM SHOW. "So, that was pretty fun."

One example of this, Krieger said, was "Peace Frog," whose lyrics were from a Morrison poem titled "Abortion Stories."

"We said [to Jim], 'Well, we can't call it "Abortion Stories." What do you want to call it?'" he recalled. "And he came up with 'Peace Frog.' Don't ask me how."

Morrison Hotel peaked at #4 on the Billboard 200 chart and went on to sell more than a million copies in the U.S. Details of a planned deluxe 50th anniversary reissue are expected soon.

Here's the album's track list:

"Roadhouse Blues"
"Waiting for the Sun"
"You Make Me Real"
"Peace Frog"
"Blue Sunday"
"Ship of Fools"
"Land Ho!"
"The Spy"
"Queen of the Highway"
"Indian Summer"
"Maggie M'Gill"

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Radio Hits in February 1965: Look Back

As we’ve noted in our weekly look back at the charts, from 1964 until 1982, Record World was, along with Billboard and Cashbox, one of the music industry’s three main trade publications. The record labels, retailers, and so on, eagerly awaited the news to see what the top sellers were. Here, we take a look back at the 100 Top Pops singles chart for February 6, 1965.

British Invasion bands were prominent with what would become classic rock staples. Let’s dive in…

For The Zombies, it was either hit big or miss. They enjoyed only five singles that charted, yet three of them were in the Top 10. One of them was “Tell Her No,” climbing up this week at #20. On its way down (from #1 earlier in the year) was The Beatles‘ “I Feel Fine,” one of a handful of #1’s they enjoyed in 1965.

Oddly, The Rolling Stones‘ “Heart of Stone” wasn’t released in the U.K. until nine months after its December 1964 U.S. release, where it would eventually reach #15 on Record World.

Related: 12 “Lost” British Invasion hits

In the category of “How did this possibly happen,” the Kingsmen, who had a 1963 smash with “Louie Louie,” released a song called “The Jolly Green Giant,” about the frozen foods character. You can’t make this stuff up. It jumped this week from #36 to #15, eventually reaching #6 on RW.

If you wanted to sing lead vocals for NYC-based Jay & the Americans, well, your name had to be “Jay.” The group, which still performs, replaced singer John “Jay” Traynor with David Black, once the latter agreed to change his name to “Jay.” The new Jay helped the group to a number of Top 20 hits including “Let’s Lock the Door and Throw Away the Key,” which rose to #11 this week.

It’s easy to forget just how big The Kinks during the early stage of the British Invasion. But in a five month period, they had three huge chart hits: “You Really Got Me” (#1 U.K., #7 U.S.), “All Day and All of the Night” (#2 U.K., #7 U.S.) and “Tired of Waiting For You” (#1 U.K., #6 U.S.). Listen to how much greatness is in just 2:22…

At around the same time, the Liverpool-based Searchers were perfecting the Merseybeat sound with several #1 U.K. hits including “Needles and Pins.” In 1965, they enjoyed a hit with a cover of the Lieber-Stoller song “Love Potion #9.” It was #6 this week, after reaching #1 on Record World earlier in the year.

A novelty song that lives on today was written and sung by Shirley Ellis, who reached #3 with “The Name Game.” She was born in The Bronx of West Indian descent and the song was one of three Top 10 hits in her brief career. “A little trick with Nick…”

Wow, talk about persistence! British singer Petula Clark had released dozens of singles overseas since 1949 with occasional chart success, finally scoring a U.K. #1 in 1960. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, she released “Downtown” in November 1964 and it became a huge international hit including #1 in the U.S. and earning a Grammy Award for Best Rock and Roll Recording. She would enjoy many more hits including “I Know A Place,” “A Sign of the Times” and 1967’s “Don’t Sleep in the Subway.” Born on November 15, 1932 and we reviewed her December 2017 concert in New York City.

At #1 this week? The duo of Bill Medley and Bobby Hatfield, better known as the Righteous Brotherswith “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’.” The song was written by Phil Spector, Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil and recorded with the Los Angeles-based musicians known as The Wrecking Crew. As a duo, the Righteous Brothers had a handful of other hits including “Unchained Melody” and “(You’re My) Soul and Inspiration” and Medley would later score another huge hit with his duet “(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life” with Jennifer Warnes.

20. “Tell Her No” – The Zombies (Parrott)

19. “I Feel Fine” – The Beatles (Capitol)

18. “I Go To Pieces” – Peter and Gordon (Capitol)

Record World 100 Top Pops chart, February 6, 1965

17. “Heart of Stone” – The Rolling Stones (London)

16. “Twine Time” – Alvin Cash & Crawlers (Mav-V-Lus)

15. “The Jolly Green Giant” – Kingsmen (Wand)

14. “”Give Him a Great Big Kiss” – Shangri-Las (Red Bird)

13. “Come See About Me” – Supremes (Motown)

12. “Keep Searchin'” – Del Shannon (Amy)

11. “Let’s Lock the Door and Throw Away the Key” – Jay & the Americans (United Artists)

10. “My Girl” – The Temptations (Gordy)

9. “All Day and All of the Night” – The Kinks (Reprise)

8. “How Sweet It Is” – Marvin Gaye (Tamla)

7. “Shake” – Sam Cooke (RCA Victor)

6. “Love Potion #9” – Searchers (Kapp)

5. “Hold What You Got” – Joe Tex (Dial)

4. “This Diamond Ring” – Gary Lewis & the Playboys (Liberty)

3. “The Name Game” – Shirley Ellis (Congress)

2. “Downtown” – Petula Clark (Warner Bros.)

1. “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin'” – Righteous Bros. (Philles)

New animated video for Bob Marley's "Redemption Song" commemorates late reggae great's 75th birthday

Thursday, February 6, would have been Bob Marley's 75th birthday.  In commemoration of the milestone, the late reggae legend's family, along with Universal Music and Island Records, are launching a yearlong celebration that will include special releases, live performance events and more.

To kick off the festivities, dubbed Marley75, a new animated music video for Marley's classic ballad "Redemption Song" has premiered on his official YouTube channel. The black-and-white clip was created French artists Octave Marsal and Theo De Gueltzl utilizing 2,747 original drawings.

The video, which also honors Black History Month, uses symbols and images inspired by Marley's life, music and beliefs.

"From the history of Slavery and Jamaica, Rastafarian culture, legacy of prophets (Haile Selassie the 1st, Marcus GarveyMalcolm X), as well as Bob's personal life, we take the audience on a journey through allegories and representations," Marsal and De Gueltzl explain of the clip.

Other plans for Marley75 include the release of rare archival music.  The celebration will also encompass fashion, art, photography, technology, sport and film.

In conjunction with Marley75, Bob's sons, Ziggy and Stephen Marley, will team up for a special 75th birthday performance at the 2020 BeachLife Festival, which takes place May 1-3 in Redondo Beach, California.

For more information about the Marley75 celebration, visit BobMarley.com.

Bob Marley died in May 1981 of skin cancer. He was just 36.

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Watch new video for Robbie Robertson's song "Once Were Brothers," which pays tribute to The Band

An official video for Robbie Robertson's new tune, "Once Were Brothers," got its premiere Wednesday at RollingStone.com.  It's also streaming on the founding The Band guitarist's official YouTube channel.

"Once Were Brothers" appears on Robertson's 2019 studio album, Sinematic, and in the new documentary Once Were Brothers: Robbie Robertson and The Band, which will open in New York and Los Angeles on February 21 before getting a wide theatrical release on February 28. The melancholy track finds Robbie celebrating his old group and lamenting his broken relationship with the other members, most of whom have passed away.

The video features grainy, black-and-white footage resembling silent movies, and includes close-up shows of Robertson interspersed with scenes of athletes and circus performers, including acrobats, a strong man, a pole vaulter and a horseback rider.

The clip was directed by Kevin Kerslake, whose many credits include videos by The Smashing PumpkinsNirvanaR.E.M.Red Hot Chili PeppersStone Temple Pilots and Bush, as well as the 2018 Joan Jettdocumentary, Bad Reputation.

"Writing 'Once Were Brothers' for my album Sinematic hurt inside sometimes, but it was a rewarding experience as it allowed me to think back about the extraordinary brotherhood of The Band," Robbie explains. "When the filmmakers heard the song, they were deeply moved and not only wanted to use it in the movie but decided to call the film Once Were Brothers."

He adds, "For the video we wanted to go in a different direction. Director Kevin Kerslake came on board with an abundance of imagination and style. We had a brilliant time working together."

The Once Were Brothers doc was inspired by Robertson's 2016 memoir, Testimony, and focuses on the Canadian singer, songwriter and guitarist's early life and the history of The Band.

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Elton John teams with trendy Australian fashion brand for collection inspired by his songs

If you like Elton John's style but you can't afford Gucci and platform boots aren't your things, you now have another option.  Elton, who's currently touring Down Under, has given the O.K. to the trendy Australian label Réalisation Par -- which means "made by" in French -- to launch a capsule women's collection inspired by his music.

The collection is now available exclusively online at the label's website.  It features 14 pieces that range in price from $69 t-shirts to $240 jumpsuits.  Each piece is named after one of Elton's hits: The jumpsuit, for example, is called The Rocketman, while the t-shirts are called Crocodile Rock and Hercules. 

"Hercules" is actually the name of a somewhat obscure Elton song, but it's also his middle name.

A variety of cute slip dresses are called The Levon, The Nikita, The Little Jeanie and the Tiny Dancer.  A cloud print blouse is The Harmony; the same print as a button front dress is The Amoreena.  A two piece blouse and skirt set are called, naturally, The Bennie and The Jets.

According to website Finder, the two women behind the label sent a note to Elton saying, "You gave us Rocketman, we want to give you Rocketwomen. We love you for Réal."

Elton responded, "It's great to see how my music has inspired this fabulous collection. I hope all the Dreamgirls enjoy wearing it as much as I've enjoyed playing the songs and performing to my fans!"

Elton is currently touring in New Zealand, and after a quick trip to the U.S. to appear at the Oscars this Sunday -- where he and Bernie Taupin are nominated for their Rocketman song "I'm Gonna Love Me Again" -- he'll return for more New Zealand shows, followed by a string of Australian dates.

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Dennis DeYoung reveals new details about upcoming solo album, '26 East, Vol. 1'

The cover art, release date and track list of ex-Styx member Dennis DeYoung's upcoming studio album, 26 East, Vol. 1were revealed recently, and now DeYoung has posted a new message on his official Facebook page sharing some additional details about the record.

The singer/keyboardist reports that, in advance of the album's April 10 release, a two-sided single will be released in March.  It features the tracks "To the Good Old Days" on the A side and "East of Midnight" on the B-side and as DeYoung notes, "They don't suck."

"To the Good Old Days" is a previously announced duet with Julian Lennon, whom Dennis says "sang his a** off on [the track], making a dream come true."

In addition, DeYoung notes that the U.S. version of 26 East, Vol. 1 will feature 10 songs, while the Japanese edition will include a bonus track.

He points out that the three locomotives featured on the album's cover represent the three original members of Styx -- him, Chuck Panozzo and John Panozzo -- "leaving [Chicago's] Union Station on our impossible trip to the stars."

Dennis also reveals that 26 East, Vol. 1 will be available on vinyl, and sends out thanks to founding Survivorand Ides of March member Jim Peterik, "who without his talent and encouragement this album would never have been recorded." Peterik co-wrote several of the album's tracks with DeYoung.

Lastly, DeYoung reports that a follow-up second volume of 26 East has been recorded, and will be released at a later date.

Here's the U.S. track list of 26 East, Vol. 1:

"East of Midnight"
"With All Due Respect"
"A Kingdom Ablaze"
"You My Love"
"Run for the Roses"
"Damn That Dream"
"The Promise of This Land"
"To the Good Old Days"
"A.D. 2020"

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The Moody Blues' Justin Hayward touring the US this spring with new "Nights" trek

Moody Blues singer/guitarist Justin Hayward will mount a spring U.S. solo tour dubbed, simply, Nights, that will follow the second annual edition of his star-studded On the Blue Cruise.

The 10-date trek kicks off April 17 in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and will mainly visit venues in the Midwest and Northeast, winding down with a May 3 concert in Rockport, Massachusetts. The tour will include an April 21-22 stand at the City Winery in Chicago, and also will feature stops in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Rhode Island and New Hampshire. Check out all the dates at JustinHayward.com.

Accompanying Justin on the outing will be his two longtime touring-band members -- guitarist Mike Dawesand keyboardist/backing vocalist Julie Ragins -- along with flute player and singer Karmen Gould.

VIP packages are available that include a great seat, an autographed poster, an exclusive t-shirt and more.

As previously reported, the 2020 On the Blue Cruise will set sail from Miami on April 1 and will stop at St. Maarten, St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Great Stirrup Cay in the Bahamas before returning to port on April 8.

Joining Justin on the lineup are The ZombiesArt GarfunkelDave Mason, ex-Deep Purple bassist/singer Glenn Hughes, former Jethro Tull guitarist Martin BarreAlan ParsonsAl StewartOrleansPocoFirefallPlayerThe BabysFocusPat Travers, the Electric Light Orchestra spinoff group The Orchestra, and founding Ambrosia singer David Pack's Legends Live project, which also features Romantics frontman Wally Palmar and Chris Thompson of Manfred Mann's Earth Band.

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Thursday, Februa

Join Diane Lyn for a cool local story about Maryland's Smith Island Cake!

How about Old Bay on your Smith Island Cake, MD’s State Cake? The Smith Island Baking Company in Crisfield says their dessert consists of “from scratch vanilla cake” with Old Bay buttercream frosting. According to Brian Murphy owner of the cake company, said he isn’t exactly sure who came up with the idea but someone their Facebook page said, “Old Bay is good on vanilla ice cream”.  See the real deal at:https://smithislandcake.com/ By the way how many layers are there in a Smith Island Cake? About 8-15 layers.



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